August 12, 2017

[Review] Our Broken Pieces - Sarah White

Summary: A steamy teen romance from Wattpad phenom Sarah White about one girl’s quest to find herself after a traumatic breakup.

The only thing worse than having your boyfriend dump you is having him dump you for your best friend. For Everly Morgan the betrayal came out of nowhere. One moment she had what seemed like the perfect high school relationship, and the next, she wanted to avoid the two most important people in her life. Every time she sees them kiss in the hallways her heart breaks a little more.

The last thing on Everly’s mind is getting into another relationship, but when she meets Gabe in her therapist’s waiting room she can’t deny their immediate connection. Somehow he seems to understand Everly in a way that no one else in her life does, and maybe it’s because Gabe also has experience grappling with issues outside of his control. Just because they share so many of the same interests and there is an undeniable spark between them doesn’t mean Everly wants anything more than friendship. After all, when you only barely survived your last breakup, is it really worth risking your heart again?
(Pub Date: Aug 8, 2017)

Review based on an ARC provided by Edelweiss. I also want to thank the publisher for giving me this opportunity.

I could say this was your usual YA but it  would have been unfair. If you do describe the core, it's a romance as you'd expect but there were layers of much more that made this reading more than pleasant.

Everly is going through a step in growing up in a way no one would wish. She has broken up with her long-time boyfriend after she caught him with her best friend. And it gets worse, because this said friend is now spreading rumors and truths about her, making her feel segregated from her old crowd. It's the worst breakup, because she ended up with nothing left.Or so she thought until she met Gabe in her therapy's waiting room.

For most of the book I thought Everly exaggerated a little but that didn't bother me as much as I'd have thought. Probably because it made sense that she was exaggerating—she was lost on how to deal with everything.

I think the best of the book came right from the tricks she learned during her therapy sessions. No wonder the author has majored in Psychology—which I didn't know before finishing the book but was almost sure. For certain, most girls dealing with a major breakup won't have the guts to seek professional help, and while this isn't a book for that, I think it's great that it adds to the reader a few mechanisms for coping.

In the end, it's not love that helps Everly, as most YA books on the topic tend to conclude. Finding a new boy is just a logical step on the way to recovery.

My problem with the book is rhythm. The first half was very good but even that wasn't as good as a memorable book. Now the second part... I confess I was a little bored there. Luckily, it's not a long book and it's a cute story. I loved Gabe and all the love he feels for his family, along with so many conflicting feelings. The plot was sensitive, it made me think, it made me feel but there weren't any fireworks.

So this is a good book, which deals with heartbreak in a different way from most of the YA's around. It'll be a fast read, even if the second half was a let-down, at least for me. This author has a very heartwarming way of writing and I'll probably check her next work.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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